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Hey thanks for wanting to learn more about Blu Aro and what we want to do for the world! We exist to serve the cannabis industry, we exist to thrive together… Just as our beloved cannabis plants need water, nutrients, sunlight and love, we are reaching out to our members to donate to the expansion of our community! We plan on conducting three donation campaigns to raise funds for the development of With your contributions, Blu Aro will expand it’s marketing campaign, application & website developmnt and to solidify our third party partnerships.

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Everyday Blu Aro is adding and helping connect new members.  Growth has skyrocketed  since our launch a month ago, and we have became an international platform in over 22 countries.  but….We want to take that reach even farther and with your help we can advertise the platform netting you more connections, pushing your brand into the forefront.  

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Help change the way you interact with cannabis on a professional level.  With your contribution our platform can grow, adding new exciting features.  Blu Aro will become a more personal experience, allowing you to  connect socially and land the rewarding professional network you deserve.

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